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Our History:

Antonio José de Sucre y Alcalá was a Venezuelan independence leader and liberator of Quito, Ecuador, who believed that the Latin American people had the means and ability to fully reap the benefits of their immense natural resources. This vision of independence was once fought on a battlefield, but was lost when he was assassinated while addressing a delegation. Since then, his memory has endured through numerous monuments and even the country's treasury bills. Last country to use the banknote, the Sucre, was Ecuador before it became a dollar in 1999.


The Xucre initiative originated from a law in California that does not apply in Latin America but weighed heavily on our minds. In a specific employee count, the company is required to provide a 401k retirement plan. When we reached that size through our operations, we realized that there was no provision, other than the public pension system that we already pay into, to easily allocate funds for employees from a regional perspective. We decided that, to be fair to all of our employees, if the US receives a 401k plan, we would look into a retirement savings plan for our overseas teams. 


Operating in multiple countries means that the company would have to hire various outside groups to manage the funds, and in some countries we may have only hired a few people. A regional approach to retirement planning was needed, so we looked at the options and decided none were appropriate, but we were interested in the idea of ​​distributed funding.


At the same time, during a seminar at Stanford GSB, a colleague explained his small business of lending to plantation mills to pay small farmers on time while waiting for payment on already purchased US produce upon receiving the goods. With the pandemic, those wait times have lengthened and caused unnecessary hardship for local farmers. Unfortunately, few formal credit systems existed for small farmers. We saw an opportunity to bridge two needs in the marketplace, one for regionally accessible quality retirement savings and the other for short-term, income-based financing solutions for small businesses in the region.


Why Choose Xucre?

Why Xucre

We verify the identity of our clients by scanning biometric information. Our users have continuous access to their information and update stored data at any time through our application in the wallet.

We base our architecture on the best security standards integrated into the user onboarding process to maintain legitimate operations.

Being a multinational platform leads us to have an immense advantage to finance loans throughout the region, without being tied to any local currency or infrastructure.


One of the biggest problems facing small businesses in Latin America is access to sustainable and renewable capital through financial institutions. While many banks offer business lending solutions, slow pace and high barriers to entry make start-ups, micro and rural ventures very difficult to finance.

Xucre offers an infrastructure to support and expand access to capital. We use the best and safest digital mechanisms to boost your economy, empower your financing and take advantage of the greatest impact.



Easy and Fast Data Monitoring:

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Power to the People

Decentralized finance for everyone

We believe that everyone can define their future with an open, trustworthy, and lasting digital economy.

Our Mission
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Your money
Your choice

Decentralized finance has gotten a bad rap in recent years, with many platforms failing due to the way they handled their client´s investments. We want to empower people and let them decide how their funds are allocated. We'll support you in the decision-making process and provide industry-leading information and tools, but it's your money, your choice.

Platforms to Build Communities

By creating a platform for communities to lend to each other, we know money goes where it's needed most. The community has the unique perspective that outside lenders do not, and they know where and when capital deployments will best benefit their communities. Local perspective, local results.

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Take advantage of a new era of digital finance

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